Monday, September 28, 2009

"Minny" Lofton

I was trolling around eBay about a week ago, and came across this little number ("little" being the operative word here):

That is a 1995 Creative Images International "The Original Microstars" Kenny Lofton.  It is micro, all right! We're talking all of about 2 inches tall here.  You may also have keenly trained your eyes to pick on the subtle use of the team colors WITHOUT the use of the team logos.  Yes, much like everyone else but Topps nowadays, these guys did not have an MLB contract - only an MLBPA one.  Likenesses, yes.  Team logos, no.  Player names, yes.  Team names with the associated city, no.  Team names by themselves, yes.  It's a strange maze one must navigate if one wishes to sell baseball-related memorabilia.

There are FIFTY MicroStars in the full set.  I looked online for a list I could just copy and paste.  Alas, I came up empty and thus had to (GASP!) hand-enter these:

Blue Jays-Roberto Alomar, Expos-Moises Alou, Astros-Jeff Bagwell, Pirates-Jay Bell, Indians-Albert Belle, Rockies-Dante Bichette, Astros-Craig Biggio, Yankees-Wade Boggs, Giants-Barry Bonds, Red Sox-Jose Canseco, Blue Jays-Joe Carter, Rangers-Will Clark, Red Sox-Roger Clemens, Royals-David Cone, Phillies-Lenny Dykstra, Phillies-Darren Daulton, Tigers-Cecil Fielder, Tigers-Travis Fryman, Rockies-Andres Galarraga, Rangers-Juan Gonzalez, Mariners-Ken Griffey Jr, Padres-Tony Gwynn, Athletics-Rickey Henderson, Expos-Randy Johnson, Braves-Dave Justice, Yankees-Jimmy Key, Angels-Mark Langston,   Reds-Barry Larkin, Indians-Kenny Lofton, Braves-Greg Maddox, Yankees-Don Mattingly, Braves-Fred McGriff, Blue Jays-Paul Molitor, Dodgers-Raul Mondesi, Rockies-David Nied, Orioles-Rafael Palmeiro, Dodgers-Mike Piazza, Twins-Kirby Puckett, Orioles-Cal Ripken Jr, Mets-Bret Saberhagen, Reds-Deion Sanders, Marlins-Gary Sheffield, Cardinals-Ozzie Smith, Cubs-Sammy Sosa, White Sox-Frank Thomas, Brewers-Greg Vaughn, Red Sox-Mo Vaughn, White Sox-Robin Ventura, and Giants-Matt Williams.

Note the list was typed in from the back of the card inside the package.  So, if a team seems wrong for a particular player, it's not my fault!

I havve already found another group of them and bought those in order to snag one of the other Indians (can't remember which just now).  You might have some luck searching online for your favorite players, too!


  1. Ooo I want the McGriff! And maybe the Nied...because hey...David Nied.

    For the record, have the slightly larger McGriff Braves headliner. Don't have DRays headliner Mcgriff though.

  2. I've got some "Headliners", but I really don't remember those "Little Guys",and I thought my boys and I had seen everything from the past 15 years ! I also have another program for you as soon as I can get it in the mail.Did you snag one of those fleeces? I see they were selling for $9 - $31 !

  3. This post forces me to relive the time my little brother threw a Jerry Stackhouse Headliner and nailed me in jewels. :'(

    And the thought of a chibified Albert Belle, though a little terrifying, gives me an idea for a sketch card.

  4. I miss 1995! Can we ever go back there?

  5. Ouch, nothing like a Stackhouse to the jewels...

    MrP - "nineteen, nineteen, nineteen-ninety-five" - hmm, not quite the same ring, eh?