Monday, September 14, 2009

I am king of the world! well, maybe not the world...

I just got some Tribecards! I just got some Tribecards, I just got some Tribecards, I just got some Tribecards, wonder who they're from? (to the tune of "We just got a letter" - Blues Clues)

bFore we answer that, you have to see this:

Okay, so the card in the center at the top gives you a clue, (not that the title doesn't), but this package of cards has some very neat inserts/parallels/serials in it! Fleer Focus Green, MVP Standouts, Donruss Production Line, and lots more. Some of these I don't ever remember hearing of! The Thome drinking bottled water is kinda weird... "Hey, Jim, we want your picture for a vintage set we're doing. Could you take a drink from a bottle of water? Thanks." I like the funk "Wonder Years" cards, too!

But, bAware, that is not all that is there:

How about gold cards, game-used bat cards, shiny silver cards, and... um, uh, er, a Braves card!? If I were doing Tribe-or-no-Tribe, I just would have been trapped! But, I'm not, and there are a lot of great Tribe cards in here!

So, THANK YOU BSNIDER!! These are wonderful, and I can tell many are going to end up in the collection for sure!

Sidenote: Yeah, I used a Blue's Clues song. With a 14 yr old and a 7 yr old, I've seen nearly every episode - first with Steve while my son was young, then with Joe while my daughter was watching. I can't account for the songs I choose to parody in my posts, it just happens...

Sidenote Number 2: The note on the card reads, "A pile of Random Tribesman for the King of Randomness..." Hence, the title of the post.

Sidenote Number 3: There is no sidenote here. I'm done. But I have to have three points listed. I wish I knew which of my English teachers drilled that into my head. I'm sure he'd/she'd be proud... Well, maybe not.


  1. I much preferred Bear in a Big Blue House myself...

  2. I'm not even embarrassed that I knew it was Blue's Clues before you mentioned it. I have a 9 and 7 year old so we went through the change from Joe to Steve or Steve to Joe...whatever. I am embarrassed that I accidentally sent a Braves card. I guess the GIANT BRAVES across the front should have been a clue. Oh well, glad you enjoyed them!

  3. You guys are really making me feel old.(of course,I AM ) I don't have a clue as what you're talking about !! Obviously some kid show!?