Friday, September 11, 2009

Lest We Forget

Today, I hope each American takes just a moment to stop and remember those who lost their lives on that Tuesday morning. Then, take just another moment to remember those that have lost their lives since that day, giving up their lives in service to their country.

If you see someone who has served in any capacity for our country, please thank them. Nothing big or dramatic, just say, "Thanks." I lost my Dad as an indirect result of the actions on 9/11, as he was performing civilian work in Iraq when he passed away. No, he was not killed during combat-related activity, but he passed away while serving his country just the same.

Thanks to everyone that is serving our country in places far off because of what happened on 9/11, 2001! I am grateful for your service in honor and memory of those who lost their lives and who serve because of the duty they feel to our country and who serve in order to bring those behind the attacks to some kind of justice.

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  1. Well said! Thanks to you're family. Sorry to hear about your father.