Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gone in 30 seconds!

The women at had a kickin idea for a post! Pick a binder (preferably FULL), set it on the table, and then choose SIX cards in only 30 seconds.... So, I gave it a shot. I chose the binder marked "Oddballs, Stickers, Autographs: 1900-1980"

For the record, I cannot easily remove the items from my binder, so I grabbed a digital camera and snapped a photo of the card/item I came across.

First up, 1962 Topps Baseball Bucks:

1964 Topps stand-Ups:

I dont even remember what this is - a Topps poster or something:

1970-something Frank Robinson record:

1977ish Pepsi/MSA Discs (with glove!):

Topps rub-ons (or is it rub-offs? I'm never sure):

For those about to rock, we salute you.... Er, uh, I mean who opt to take this challenge, I have to warn you - it is NOT EASY! And the whole "full binder" thing is a ruse! Pick the thinnest binder you have because the 30 seconds FLIES by! I had a LOT of items I wished I had picked instead, but when I was down to 5 seconds, I was snapping whatever the page flipped open to!

This was a LOT of fun!! Thanks for the GREAT idea, DC!


  1. The baseball buck would make me happy! I always wanted one of those but don't see them too often.I'm not familiar with the Frank Robinson record.

  2. The poster is from 1969 or 1970 Topps, they were inserts. The Ruboffs are from 1985 Topps, they were a test issue, but a rather abundant one.