Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cards from the "Biggs" House!

A few days ago, I got a package in the mail from Mr. Biggs!  The note inside simply said, "enjoy!"  And, boy will I!!

There are all kinds of companies, sets, oddballs, parallels in here!

He sent me old school cards, newer cards, and all kinds of goodies.

Classic, Fleer, minis, micros, Pacific - all Tribers and all welcomed to their new home!

And then, he tossed in a slew of Thome cards to boot!  Not to mention Alomar, Franco, Carter, and lots of other friendly Indians faces!

Very cool stuff, in deed!

Man, this was GREAT FUN!!  I certainly did enjoy these cards and can't wait to see which ones end up in the lineup and which ones are already members of my Tribe cards collection!

Thank you, Kerry!!


  1. That is quite a conglomeration of Tribal cardboard! A few there I don't recognize.

  2. I fear the Sandy Alomar Jr. to non-Sandy Alomar Jr. ratio was unavoidably high. Sorry about that.