Sunday, July 5, 2009

The thanks I get...

It's been a while since I've posted, and the reason is that sometime Wednesday night, I contracted something which eventually manifested itself into a rather nasty 'here is what you get for rooting for the yankees' virus/flu/something.

I go to the doctor on Monday morning to see what he says, but according to everything my wife looked up, it's looking very much like the flying pig flu.

For those who enjoy reading the ramblings of a swimming head, I recalled as best I could the events of the past couple days: here.

For those who stopped by just to check in and say, "hi," I want to thank you for your continued readership on a blog that has yet to find any sort of regularity. You guys and gals are great friends and comrades!

Hopefully, there will be an update soon!


  1. I just read the horror story that is your cold. Traveling at the same time must be really hard. I know when I get sick, I am useless and I would never step onto a plane. Get well soon man!

  2. Next time visit San Diego. No one ever gets sick here.

    Aaaaaachoooo! (um, that was just allergies, I swear.)

  3. Thanks for the update - feel better!