Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A-Rod, Jeter, Rivera, Junior, Ichiro - Oh My!

The Yankees game started off with a rain delay, but the wait was well worth it! Not only did we see a great game packed with some of the greatest names of present-day baseball, but we had a great time and the Yankees won! Our record is unblemished - 4-0 for home teams winning when we go to see them. And, in my case, even thought I went to Chicago to see the Tribe, the Cubs won their home game, so there is quite a connection, I think. Perhaps the Indians will send me home-game season tickets and airfare to go with it next season? :-) A boy can dream...

In the meantime, I posted a slide show of "only" 64 of the pictures I took:
On my personal blog...

If you are a glutton for punishment and want to see all the pictures I took, they are here:
NYC - Yankees Game


  1. Hey, great pics. Are you home now? And, were you rooting for the Yankees? If so, please explain yourself.

    New York is great isn't it? I'm going for a weekend in about a month. Unfortunately there will be no ballgame for me.

  2. Glad to see a blogger not hating the Yankees for a change. I'll be going to Friday's game - hopefully no rain this time.
    And no, that wasn't me working late, fortunately!

  3. But Bo, if we don't hate the Yankees who are we supposed to hate?

  4. I saw my first game at Yankee Stadium. The Yankees lost. I saw my second game at Fenway Park. The Red Sox won.

    That was a great start for me.

    Unfortunately, the Dodgers have lost the only game I've seen them in person.

    Glad you're enjoying your trip!

  5. Beautiful family and great pictures. I especially enjoyed the Jeter photos. :)

  6. We leave NYC on Friday. Unless the Indians are playing, I always root for the home team. NYC has been fun, and staying in Times Square makes a HUGE difference. We feel like we're the "old hands" around here, helping people figure out where things are etc...

    I onlly hate on the Yankees when the Tribe spank them by 20 runs or so... :-)

  7. Glad you're enjoying your trip! NY is a great city.

  8. Oh Dave you remember that really nice cliff lee Auto I was sending you? Well since you decided to root against my Mariners Iv'e put a hold on that! Just kiddin It's on its way soon. I just went to the mariners game on the 20th and they Kicked AZ butt. Griffey did'nt play but I did get a chance for a very breif hello and back with him! YEAH! Anyway glad you enjoyed your trip, I'm still a little dissapointed in you though : ) root for the injured underdogs next time! heck at least they have put up a fight in that series with a team they should never win against. check out my SPX box on my site if you get a chance. Grant

  9. After a slow start, the team is starting to click nicely. Wonder what trades they will make in a few months as they prepare to win another World Series.