Monday, July 27, 2009

Address APB, because, well, I'm kind of an idiot...

Hey all! I am something of an "absent-minded professor" and seem to have deleted, erased, misplaced, you-name-it a couple of addresses for random packs:

Big D (Mets pack)
Tim (Random Pack)
Paul (Indians pack)

Now, in my defense, I have at least three "Paul's" in my address book. I know Paul responded, saying he was sending me his state-side address, but I can't find a message from you. Please resend your state-side address, and if you want to use big, capital letters in the subject of your message as either a way to get my attention or as a way to yell at me for being so dense, please feel free.

In the meantime, I am putting together Brewers and Rangers packs this week and those will go out by Friday!

Thanks for reading!

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