Saturday, July 18, 2009

Loooooooooong overdue THANKS!

I am WAY behind on sending out major THANK YOUs to everyone that has sent me great Tribe cards over the month or so. Many of these came in while we were in NYC, and some have come in since we've returned. I hadn't taken the time to sit down and give proper thanks for the wonderful gifts I have received as of late, and I thought I would take some time to share the cards I've received lately.

I do have a small disclaimer in that some of these did not have a return address, so I'm not sure who sent them. And, it is possible that I attribute the wrong cards to the wrong person. Please feel free to correct me if you see your cards posted under someone's name! I also believe that I have at least one package that got filed before I was able to post about it. So, my apologies to you, if you've sent cards and I have not thanked you for them.

Without further adieu, let's get crackin!! Y'all are in for a treat!

Starting things off, Max sent me two GREAT cards from '68! The cards feature drawn depictions of World Series events. In this case, one from Coveleski's three 5-hitters and one from the "War of tribes" in 1948. These are very cool additions to the collection! Thanks, Max!!

The next group of cards come from Don, who lives 'down the road apiece' from me. Seriously. In fact, I used to work at SAU in Magnolia, AR, many moons ago. There are a lot of interesting items in here: Collector's Choice UD GOLD signature Thome, Stadium Club 'gold foil' Thome and Belle, Bowman Heritage mini Carmona, silver and gold versions of Electric Diamond Lofton, various Gold Rush cards, super-cool "credit card" types, teams cards, and more! I am looking forward to adding many of these to my collection. Thanks, Don, for some GREAT cards!

The next set of cards comes from Steve over at White Sox Cards, I believe. My apologies if I'm wrong. These cards include '09 O-Pee-chee, UD series 2, goudey, zenith, and a very cool Career Best Tris Speaker! Thanks a bunch!!

Let's check out these next cards from Slette! I have to say the Career Best Garko jersey card is fantastic! On top of that, we've got pronk, lee, vizquel, vmart, and many others including Bill Clinton. I love all the '09s he sent! It amazes me that Wood was chosen as the face of the checklist, given he just joined the team this year. Excellent stuff!! Thanks to Slette for a sweet selection of Tribers.

The next package is from Worley (I believe that's Paul). The Topps Stars Progression card featuring Carew and Alomar is awesome! Of course, the Roberto Alomar Ring Masters is card is spectacular. I have never seen either of those that I can recall. Add to those a cool mix of Heritage, Finest, and more. Thank you VERY much for these wonderful additions to my Indians collection.

The next package of cards came the other day from the great girls over at Dinged Corners. Their note says that Lucy won a drawing at a local shop and she said: "We have to send David some cards for that great David Wright!" So, she picked out a sealed pack of the 2008 Indians Team Set. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that she thought of me when she could have had her pick of packs! As if that isn't enough to more than "pay back" for the Wright auto card, they also included a bunch of other cards! They also sent a Zach Jackson autographed card, several gold/serial cards, and a whole slew of Tribers from the 80's to 2009! Thank you so much!!

The last package comes from an unmarked sender. All I know is that the ZIP code on the printed postage is from Portland, Oregon. The package included a TON of 2009 Topps Tribers....

It also included a hefty selection of Heritage and SPx!

And, the most puzzling inclusion were these Diamondback cards...

No matter how you cut it, this was a very nice package of cards!! Thank you so much!

I just want to send out a HUGE, MASSIVE **THANK YOU** to all of you from the bottom of my heart!!


  1. You are very welcome, this answers the question from my previous post. I would have been apoplectic if the post office had lost those cards.

  2. We are the ones who should be thanking you! Your blog is the best :)

  3. Very nice assortments ! Random kindness,many times,works both ways!

  4. You're welcome. I'm glad that I can return the random kindness that you always have on display.