Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sox and Thoughts...of Christmas

I had two more packages delivered to my mailbox while I was in Phoenix. One was from AdamE at Sox and Thoughts, and the other from Voltaire. I'll get to Voltaire's in a bit (it was a big box, like 500-count or something!), but after I removed the paper wrapping AdamE's was sent in, I found this:

The box is covered with foam Christmas shapes! The Henderson household was VERY excited and thought this was a GREAT idea!! Then, when I opened the box, I found these:

WRAPPED cards! Man, this was like getting my own "12 Days of Christmas" gift! Plus, it turns out the box AdamE used was actually the box we had sent HIM for Trick-or-Treat! Another very cool surprise!

So, the question now remains: Do we open the cards NOW or do we make them the official first presents under the tree? I will let YOU decide!! Respond here and let me know what you think! :-)


  1. C'mon, man. You gotta open at least one of them now.

  2. defintely open one! Actually, no, don't! I mean yes, open them both! Wait... hold out as long as possible!

    I can never sit on unopened wax...

    How about trying to make it until Chrismas Eve?

  3. Tree 'em! You'll be glad at Christmas.

  4. Well, so far it's a split decision. Therefore, I'll open one... :-) Yeah, I was gonna wait, but I just can't!! :-)

  5. I hope you haev as much fun opening them as my son did decorating the box. Merry (Early) Christmas