Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cheating a Little: The Voltaire Edition

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Voltaire sent me a big ol' box of Tribe cards! If you've been following along in recent months, you also know that I vowed to post pictures of every card I receive from the great folks reading my ramblings. Well, I stayed true to that in spirit, though delivery may leave a few things to be desired. Before we get to that, though, let's dive into this wondrous gift!

Starting off, Voltaire created two of his own cards (the "1985" Betancourt and Sizemore cards). These look great and could easily be mistaken for manufactured cards! We also have three 1984 "Fun Foods" buttons, a sticker, a game-used ticket, and some great Tribers. I am a big fan of the Fleer Flair cards. Those were done right as far as higher-end product goes:

The next group of cards is where I began to 'sift' through the box and start to pull out cards because I knew I was going to have to 'cheat' due to the sheer volume alone. My apologies to Voltaire for that. Vizquel and Thome make up the bulk here:

And this lot is a bunch of Thome cards! I know I have not seen a lot of these before, so I was excited to not only get Thome cards but that I knew they'd be going into 3-ring binders before too long! I like the SP red and silver versions, and the Topps 3-D is very cool! He even threw in a couple scratchcard game cards. I'm tellin' ya, scratchcard fever is in the air already! Add to those some classic and HOF guys, too:

I wish I had put the Harrah supersized card in full shot instead of putting him at the bottom of the photo. This is one big card (5x7 or 4x6 I would guess). It's a 1983 Donruss Jumbo. Also in this grouping are some vintage Tribe, fan faves, and more! There's even a "Major League Prospect" of Eric Wedge in a BoSox uni:

And, here is where the 'cheating' comes in. The main reason I opted to go this route was so I wouldn't bore you to death with my going on-and-on over the awesome Tribe cards Voltaire sent me! The cards are not the problem, it is the author you are reading here! There are so many cards, I feared you would lose interest long before I reached the end of the box! Simply amazing how many cards there are:

And, this is the final scan. As you can tell, the cards go for days! Simply incredible generosity from Voltaire and from ALL of you folks that send me cards! I appreciate it so much!

Again, thank you Voltaire for a wonderful box of cards!

When I started this blog, it never occurred to me that finding folks to swap cards with would be part of the adventure. Every time I see a post on one of your blogs or when I get an envelope (or a box) of cards at my mailbox, I am awestruck at what a great community of card traders we have. Folks all over the world (literally!) have found a fun and easy way to keep this addiction, er hobby, alive and kickin! Thank you for making me a part of that!

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the cards! I can't think of any better home for them than in the hands of a fellow Indians collector. Thank you again for your great blog and fun contests, and any Indians duplicates I acquire from now on will always have your name on them.