Monday, December 8, 2008

A few (weeks) late

After much delay for ALL kinds of reasons, I am proud to FINALLY show off the box of cards sent to me by Sam!

The box starts off with two "Tipton-esque" cards that were used as padding in the box. I love stuff like this. To me, it's a lot like those TV shows where they never quite let you forget it is a TV show, after all (Boston Legal comes to mind). Receiving oversized cards that have been folded up to serve as padding is kinda like that - never forget that at the end of the day, these are just pieces of cardboard, after all. The first one is Matt Miller from the 2006 team issue and the other is Jason Stanford's 2004 team issue. Each is about 5x7. Jason's sports the tag line; I play for you!" The "I" is, of course, the "I" from the Indians script. Priceless!

But that's not all! As you can see, there are all kinds of goodies in here, including Gaylord Perry and The Eckster, plus other cool Tribers:

How about a Tommy John Archives Reserve? Or a Lance Caraccioli? Lance who? Sorry, I have no idea, but without folks like Sam to give me the cards, I probably would have never known! There are Jones', Crisps, and Cooks, too! The UD Cover Glory is one I don't believe I have seen before - Colon is cool in the red-hot heatwave effect:

Up next, Bazookas, Auroras, and Authentix, oh my! Sweet Indians cards are found throughout the box. It never ceases to amaze me that the Indians have had great ones on board like Gaylord Perry, Doc Gooden, David Justice, and others. I have often said the Tribe is a place where nonames get their names and where great ones come after they've peaked. We're like the revolving door of the MLB:

Dayf may need to avert his eyes on this next one, as the Alomar Juniors abound. For the readers who were not able to catch the "wrath" (as dayf is quick to call it) of the Trick-or-Treat giveaway, Dayf's virtual TP-ing of my 'house' led to my sending him several hundred Sandy Alomar Jr cards, all in Padres uni... Ah, I still bask in the glory of it all... No fear, though, he'll get a nice Christmas present!

Sam also included a die cut 2002 Fan Club card and a gold Bazooka. I like the inclusion of many players on different brands:

Lee, Lofton, Thome, Martinez, Triple Play, and more round out this next group. I don't know how other collectors feel, but the Tribe sure make for some colorful cards!

Finishing out the box is a comic, some stickers, a Gold Glove and more:

Thank you so much, Sam, for a GREAT box of cards!!


  1. That '72 Ted Ford card is way cool (leave me to seek out the vintage card in that pile o' cards).

  2. sweet thanks for the twins cards!!!! lol about that lance something