Monday, December 8, 2008

Holy @#$! Boxbusters!

I am not one who is prone to cussing, but when I opened the padded envelope from Boxbusters, I couldn't stop myself. The Game-Used VicMart card is sheer awesomeivity! The color looks so cool as the backdrop and is just enough of the 'wrong' blue that it gives the card serious pop! This was coupled with a 2008 UD-X VicMart to boot:

The rest of the envelope had Stadium Club, Donruss, and more! I always though the Alomar Jr in the "Rookie of the Year" photo made him look like those basketball draft cards where the players are in suits. Why do they make ballplayers wear suits, anyway? Ah, well, here are the other cards from the package:

Great stuff, Boxbusters!! This is far better than I had expected of the card! Thanks a TON!

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