Monday, December 8, 2008

Tribers Traverse the Pond

One of the packages I received while I was navigating the 'hills' of Arizona came from John in England! I'm building a package for him of his favorite team - The BoSox - so, he can expect a package for Christmas!

his package had Tribers that sent me down memory lane (even if some of the memories were "collective" rather than actual). Folks like Feller, Doby and Lemon. Players such as Barker, Bannister, Diaz. And then, he brought me back to today with V-Mart, Bard and Betancourt:

I saw the Manny Trillo and had a flashback. For whatever reason, Trillo has always been on my "other players" list of cards I collect. And, now I had an early card from when he first became an Indians player! Awesome! Tucked in there is the "Flaming Balls" of Doug Jones, so watch yourself:

And, rounding out the package is Sizemore, Lewis, Otto and more. And if you look very carefully, you might even spot the ever-elusive SCRATCHCARD! I think someone is gearing up for the next tourney... :-)

Thank you very much, John! Your gift is greatly appreciated, and as I mentioned, I've got Sox comin' your way shortly!

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