Tuesday, August 21, 2007

1993 ProCards Kinston Indians

You may be wondering why, of all the cards I have, I start my posting with the 1993 ProCards Kinston Indians. Well, it's simple. I happen to be entering the team set into my database and thought, "Hey, I'll post this checklist." No one said I was brilliant, okay?

There are a couple of neat finds in this minor league set. Most notably, Julian Tavarez and Matt Williams. There is also Pete Rose, Jr... Guess he couldn't live up to his Daddy's reputation (good or bad)... (Note, my scanner did quite a number on these.. I'll get that figured out later)

Checklist 2266
Dickie Brown 2237
Carlos Crawford 2238
Ian Doyle 2239
Joe Fleet 2240
Jason Fronio 2241
Fernando Hernandez 2242
Kevin Logsdon 2243
Greg McCarthy 2244
Scott Morgan 2245
Cesar Perez 2246
Julian Taverez 2247
David Welch 2248
Matt Williams 2249
Mike Crosby 2250
Rick Sued 2251
Juan Andujar 2252
Pat Maxwell 2253
Rod McCall 2254
Paul Meade 2255
Chop Pough 2256
Pete Rose Jr. 2257
Mark Charbonnet 2258
John Cotton 2259
Ray Harvey 2260
Marc Marini 2261
Tony Mitchell 2262
Dave Keller 2263
Greg Booker 2264
Dan Norman 2265
Dan Devoe

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