Saturday, August 18, 2007

Welcome Tribe Fans!

Greetings and welcome to the place where I'll talk about Indians baseball cards. Why? Because that's what I collect. Starting with my first card in 1975, my collection has amassed nearly 6000 non-duplicated singles, and grows every single day. I hope to use this spot on the Web to share images, checklists, and thoughts about various Indians baseball cards! make yourself at home, and enjoy the ride!

Pictured below is my first purchased Indians card. The crease across the card came from one of my "stupid" moments in life. I had a stack of cards wrapped with a rubber band. This card was on top. One slip of the hand, and POW, instant crease. I have kept the card after all these years because, despite its flaw, it is my favorite - my first bought one. I paid 25 cents for it in 1975, and have been buying Indians cards ever since.

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