Thursday, August 30, 2007

1965 Topps

In 1965, Topps produced a base set with a few insert sets to go with it. The base set included cards with a white "pennant" shape eith the Indians team name in it. One of the insert sets was the gold embossed cards, which are blue with gold foil pictures and borders.

The first time I saw one of the embossed varieties, I had no idea what it was (other than the T.C.G. on the back). In fact, I am pretty sure that the 1965 Embossed was the reason I bought my first price guide. I didn't care about the "value" of the card, I wanted to know what it was! And, back in those days (somewhere in the early 80's), the World Wide Web was no where to be seen. With guide in hand, I found the matching picture and couldn't wait to get the rest of the Indians from that set!

I have since obtained each of the Indians cards of that set and now have all but 1 card (though, I believe I recently ordered it from the Beckett Marketplace) in the set.

The 1965 Topps have that nice "vintage" look to them, even in mint condition... There is something about the photos themselves and the general lighting on them which says, "Yes, I am 40+ years old. What about it!?" :-)


Embossed Inserts:
3 Max Alvis
31 Leon Wagner
60 Chuck Hinton
72 Jack Kralick
Regular (Base):
17 Johnny Romano
76 Sam McDowell
92 Dick Howser
96 Sonny Siebert
105 Chico Salmon
128 Vic Davalillo
145 Luis Tiant
166 Agee/Culver
185 Max Alvis
235 Chuck Hinton
262 Bud Daley
283 Fred Whitfield
301 Birdie Tebbetts
317 Don McMahon
332 Ted Abernathy
348 George Banks
367 Leon Wagner
380 Rocky Colavito
404 Stan Williams
406 Ralph Terry
424 Gary Bell
448 Lee Strange
468 Larry Brown
481 Indians Team
501 Gagliano/Rittwage
514 Joe Azcue
535 Jack Kralick
562 Billy Moran
578 Camilo Carreon

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