Wednesday, August 22, 2007

1981 Topps

As a kid, we generally didn't think to look at the back of the cards to see what 'date' or 'year' the cards were. So, when trading with our friends, we came up with descriptive (okay, some not really all THAT descriptive) identifiers. The 1978 Topps were called the "written kind" because of the cursive writing on the front. The 1980 Topps were called the "flag" or "banner" kind. And, the 1981 Topps were called... "The Hat Kind." You can see why in the picture below:

6 Barker/Carlton
13 Joe Charboneau
39 Tom Veryzer
74 Mike Hargrove
99 Eric Wilkins
122 John Denny
141 Miguel Dilone
170 Ross Grimsley
198 Jerry Dybzinski
222 Jorge Orta
252 Victor Cruz
276 Dan Spillner
308 Rick Manning
333 Sid Monge
362 Bo Diaz
388 Andre Thornton
416 Gary Alexander
432 Len Barker
451 Bndo/Brennan/Wihtol
462 Jack Brohamer
511 Wayne Garland
536 Bob Owchinko
564 Ron Hassey
612 Duane Kuiper
632 Alan Bannister
665 Indians Team
697 Rick Waits
721 Toby Harrah
738 Bert Blyleven

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