Monday, August 27, 2007

1957 Sohio Album Cards

The 1957 Sohio Cleveland Indians were issued in several 3-panel layouts. The photos themselves are basically 5x7 black-n-white. The photos were/are perforated so they could be separated and placed into the Sohio Indians Album. Find the still-in-tact panels is difficult, though a little poking around the Internet will yield the non-separated issues. If you're not that picky (as I am not!), then you'll enjoy the photos regardless of their 'completeness.'

(1957 Sohio Bob Lemon)

Here is a checklist for you:

Indians Album
Bob Avila
Jim Busby
Chico Carrasquel
Rocky Covalito
Mike Garcia
Jim Hegan
Bob Lemon
Roger Maris
Don Mossi
Ray Narleski
Russ Nixon
Herb Score
Al Smith
George Strickland
Bob Usher
Vic Wertz
Gene Wooding
Early Wynn

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