Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dinged Corners, Remembered #TheHobby #Collecting

Shortly after I had started my blog here (back then, it wasn't fancy enough to have its own domain name and was a blogspot address), I came across the amazing woman behind a site called "Dinged Corners." Patricia ran the site with her two daughters. Actually, if memory serves, the site was originally called something like "baseball diamond girl."  We made many trades, and the thing that sticks out most to me was Patricia's daughter, Lucy. Lucy loved catchers, especially when pictured in full gear.

I purposely would set aside any catchers I pulled from packs, estate sales, etc, just so I could send them to Lucy. The posts on DingedCorners were insightful, often humorous tales of collecting, meeting their favorite players and general stuff happening in life. I don't know what happened to the girls at Dinged Corners, but they are sorely missed in the cardboard blogging community, no doubt about that.

Back in 2008 or so, they had a contest of some kind (sorry, I do not recall what kind) and I ended up the winner. The prize was an autographed card of... Antonelli, maybe. Is that a player or manager? Sorry, again, my memory fails me here.

But, I was also sent a slew of Indians cards and a couple of VERY special items, which I have kept all these years:

First up, a personalized, hand-written note from Lucy herself! I'm sure she doesn't even remember making this, but it touched me so much that she took the time to write out the card and to add a special rendering herself (which you will see in a bit if you keep reading).

The next card, one of the best COA's I have ever received:

Among the 3x5 cards, this gem:

Patricia also took time to write out a card, letting me know that there were more Indians cards to come... Er, once they found them. haha! I know exactly how that goes!

And, the topper of it all: A hand-drawn "sketch card" by Lucy of a pitcher on the mound in full windup!


  1. I'll always remember the Dinged Corners Days. I think I still have a couple handwritten notes from them. I'll have to dig them up.

    Those were the days.

  2. Dinged Corners was pure and sweet in their fandom. They had collection themes of smiling players and other happy things. Miss them a lot!