Tuesday, April 25, 2017

1993 WUAB McDonald's Tribe Kids Fan Club Cards

I know what you're thinking: Didn't we just see these!? Nope. Those were the 1991 version. You see, when I bought those, I also picked up a sealed set of the 1993 version! This set includes the "Welcome" card, the players, a mascot card and a card featuring Ronald McDonald.

Unlike the over-sized 1991 set, though, this set is standard issue baseball card size. Whew! I mean, I like over-sized cards, I guess. But, these are baseball cards and I grew up with the 2x3 format, so that's what I like. These fit that bill.

I assume there is a 1992 version as well. I need to find those and whatever other WUAB sets are out there. That is how my cardboard addiction works: I find the 'gateway' set that leads to more and more cardboard purchases. Next thing I know, I have spent way more money than I should have and I am surrounded by wax paper and... er, this is sounding good for me, is it?

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