Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A ~BELLE~ Of A Poster! #indians #albertbelle

This is a pretty big poster by general cardboard standards. I mean, it is 11" x 14" when unfolded. I couldn't even scan the whole thing at once. I scanned it as two parts and then 'shopped them together.

I received this cool 1992 Starting Lineup poster back in 2010 as part of a massive "Thank You" package that a bunch of my fellow card collectors had put together for me. Thinking back on getting that box in the mail still brings tears to my eyes. You guys and gals are so amazing!

There are 35 figures with cards and posters in the 1992 set. I've posted a link to a checklist below the photo. I believe I received the card as well, though I don't quite remember. Whether I have the card or not, this is one of my favorite fold-out posters. First of all, it has Belle on it. But, more importantly to me, it came from fellow collectors during a very low time in my hobby life. Things were very tight in those days, and I had to quit doing giveaways (which tore me to shreds because that was kinda my 'thing' - I did lots of giveaways). The love and support you guys showed me was beyond anything I could have ever dreamed. Frankly, it's what brought me back again after I "retired" from blogging on here recently. It's what separates #TheHobby from other collecting, I think. Maybe not. But, I'd like to keep thinking so.


Link to 2010 article about the box:

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