Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tribe or no Tribe #11 (2016 Allen and Ginter Value Pack) #TheHobby

Yes, boys and girls, it is that time again! We're heading into another round of "Tribe or No Tribe!" Here's a quick summary of the rules in case you have no idea what I'm talking about:

I bust open a pack (or packs) of cards and try to get as many Indians cards as I can out of the pack. Certain cards get positive scores and certain others will get a negative score. It's that easy. I stole the concept from WhiteSoxCards, who does a Sox or No Sox.

+0.5 points for each card in the pack not falling into the following:
+2.0 points for relic, auto, serial (only +1.0 if card is a trap)
+1.0 point for any Thome card in non-Tribe uni
+2.0 points for any Triber card (pictured in Tribe uni, otherwise normal scoring)
-1.0 point for each trap (Braves or Reds are traps for my game)
-0.5 points if card features more than one team or no team at all

I tally up the raw score and divide it by the number of cards used to get the raw score. That will give me the Calculated Score. I will use that score to rank packs from first to worst (the higher the score, the better).

Let's ride!

2016 A&G Value Pack (14 Cards)

+0.5 - Colin Rea - Padres
+2.0 - Roberto Alomar - Indians (Wahoo!!)
+0.5 - Adam Eaton - White Sox
-0.5 - Robert Raiola - Sports Tax Man (What!?!)
+0.5 - Max Kepler - Twins
+0.5 - Carlos Gomez - Astros
-1.0 - Hank Aaron Numbers Game - Braves (Well, if it had to a Brave...)
-0.5 - Komodo Island - Natural Wonders
+0.5 - Jake Odorizzi Mini - Rays
-0.5 - Oscar Lesser - US Mayor (El Paso, TX)
+0.5 - Russell Martin - Blue Jays
+0.5 - Kolten Wong - Cardinals
+0.5 - Ozzie Smith - Cardinals
+0.5 - Ervin Santana - Twins

Pack total = Raw Score 4.0 (Calculated Score = 0.285)

Hey, we pulled an Indians player and freaking good one at that! Wahoo!! We got dinged by Hank Aaron, but then so have a lot of folks that pitched against him, so I'm okay with that. The downside to A&G are the non-baseball cards. Man, they add up. But, overall, not a bad pack.

A quick look at the TonT leaderboard shows this pack ranks just above the bottom of the heap... You can find the whole list here:

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