Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tribe or No Tribe #10ish (Topps Opening Day 2017)

It has been a LONG time since I've posted a TonT pack break, so I thought it would be fun to do! This is roughly the tenth edition of the game I've played. I am also starting a new ranking system to see which TonT's netted the best (er, and worst) results. More on that at the end of the post.

It's been a while, so here are my rules:

+0.5 points for each card in the pack not falling into the following:
+2.0 points for relic, auto, serial (only +1.0 if card is a trap)
+1.0 point for any Thome card in non-Tribe uni
+2.0 points for any Triber card (pictured in Tribe uni, otherwise normal scoring)
-1.0 point for each trap (Braves or Reds are traps for my game)
-0.5 points if card features more than one team or no team at all

This is a Fat Pack of cards, so there are 24 cards with 3 inserts. Let's get crackin!

+0.5 - Adrian Beltre - Rangers
+0.5 - Seung-Hwan Oh - Cardinals
+0.5 - Kendrys Morales - Blue Jays
+0.5 - George Springer - Astros
+0.5 - Trevor Story - Rockies
+2.0 - Jason Kipnis - Indians (Wahoo!!)
+2.0 - Danny Salazar - Indians (Wahoo!!)
-1.0 - Brandon Phillips - Reds
+0.5 - Craig Kimbrel - Red Sox
+0.5 - Jake Arrieta - Cubs
+0.5 - Kendrys Morales Foil OD (4/3/17) - Blue Jays
+0.5 - Anthony Rizzo Superstar Celebrations - Cubs
-0.5 - Fresh Popcorn Incredible Eats - Suntrust Park*
+1.0 - Progressive Field Opening Day Ballpark - Indians (Wahoo!!)
+0.5 - Ryan Schimpf - Padres
+0.5 - Drew Smyly - Mariners
+0.5 - Matt Carpenter - Cardinals
+0.5 - Troy Tulowitzki - Blue Jays
+0.5 - Aaron Sanchez - Blue Jays
+0.5 - Miguel Cabrera - Tigers
+0.5 - Ian Kinsler - Tigers
-1.0 - Joey Votto - Reds
-1.0 - Billy Hamilton - Reds
-1.0 - Freddie Freeman - Braves
TOTAL: +8.5 Raw Score (0.354 Calculated Scored = Raw Score/#of cards)

OUCH! Man, I got the smackdown put on me there at the end! What is up with all the freaking Blue Jays in this pack!? Wow...

*I find it very interesting that the Braves logo is NOT on the front of the Fresh Popcorn card, but does appear on the back. I only deducted the 1/2 point for "no team." My rules, man....

My new ranking system for TonT goes like this: I take the raw score and divide it by the number of cards used to get the raw score. That will give me the Calculated Score. I will use that score to rank packs from first to worst (the higher the score, the better). The ranking system appears (or will appear if you are reading this before I get done with it) as a tab at the top of the site.

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  1. I draft "Fresh Popcorn.".

    Oh, this isn't PAD Circus???!?

    Nevermind, then. :-)