Saturday, March 25, 2017

1993 Diamond Marks Bookmarks by Barry Colla and Terry Smith

The title of the post is slightly misleading, but I didn't know of another way to say it appropriately. You see, these 1993 bookmarks were made by Diamond Marks and feature photos from the Barry Colla Production company and the design is by Terry Smith Creations. So, basically, it took a team to put these things together!

The cards are 2.5" wide by 5" long. The photography is great, especially for 1993. The fronts feature the player name in all-caps white lettering, the DM logo, a HUGE picture of the featured player, the team logo and colored stripes, then the team name (again in all-caps) at the bottom. The bookmarks feature a black border which helps make the color elements really pop.

The backs feature a cool "open book" design with a different photo on the left plus a fun tam logo-based bookmark. The right side features a cropped version of the front image plus the player's name and position. There's a "fun fact" about the featured player as well as logos, copyrights, etc.

A little research finds that there were 120 bookmarks in the set and they were sold in packs of 10. There was also a test set of 10 cards available.

These are definitely some of the coolest oddball items I have that aren't food-related.

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