Friday, March 31, 2017

#TheHobby is not always just about cards...

Over the years, friends and family have gifted me things that are related to my cardboard habit, but which are not actual bits of cardboard. I keep these in my overall collection and, yes, they are listed in my database of Indians "cards." Obviously, the ability to add such things to one's electronic record keeping system is crucial... Well, it is for me, anyway.

First up, we have two unopened packages of stickers. On the left, these 3d stickers show off two jerseys, some headgear, Chief Wahoo, bats, balls, and if you look closely: two admission tickets. On the right, we have Puffy Stickers!

If memory serves, those stickers above were either Christmas or birthday gifts from my wife. Not in the same year, mind you. My wife does a great job of finding cool things to add to my Indians collection.

Below, we have more stickers... And a set of keys. The jersey at the top is a felt cutout that I believe came in a pack of cards or a cereal box or something. The two pennants are stickers and they are fantastic. I wish I had more of them just so I could stick those babies up in my office somewhere. And, finally, a pair of uncut keys.

So, as you have surmised from this and previous posts (you know, like the one that showed off my Indians bobbleheads), you can see that I collect MAINLY Indians baseball cards. But, sometimes, I add things to the collection which aren't cards, but (I think) are still pretty cool.


  1. They're cool and they don't take up a lot of space.

  2. No, they don't at all! Fit nicely in my binder!