Monday, March 13, 2017

2008 UD Premier Stitches: Pronk and V-Mart In Stitches

For some reason I have yet to dare examine, I stopped putting my cards into binders in 2008. I have no logical explanation that comes to mind. I just quit putting cards I received into their corresponding binders that year. Instead, I now have boxes labeled with things like "TBF" or "TBC" on them.

TBF means they have been entered into my database and are ready to be filed. Yes, that's right. I could simply move those cards from their boxes into the binders to which they belong. Alas, I have not done so. the other cards, "TBC," mean they are To Be Checked. That lets me know that I have not yet looked to see if those are doubles or not. I have TONS of those.

I digress... Often...

Today, we're looking at a pair of cards that actually DID make it into the 2008 binder. They are a couple of 2008 Upper Deck Premier Stitches:

The Pronk is pretty cool because it is a representation of the guy featured on the card. The Victor Martinez is cool, but, I mean, it's a Chief Wahoo logo. Upper Deck could commission someone to make a V-Mart on there? I dunno, maybe there is a version somewhere with his likeness.

In any case, I am generally not a fan of the manufactured patches. I like game-used. I don't know why it should matter. I mean, who thought of cutting up a jersey the dude wore in a game and stick into cards? I dunno, but really, that was a stroke of marketing genius...

I digress... Often..


  1. I think both of those cards are pretty sweet! I have to say that I have never seen either of them.

  2. Yeah, I've never seen one with a player likeness on it. I've grown to appreciate the patches. Maybe it's because of the glut of actual "relics" a term that's mostly a pretty exaggerated term. Is a Starlin Castro jersey swatch really a "relic"?