Friday, April 8, 2016

PAD Circus - 007 - Dr. J, Richard Petty, Smoltz and more!

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the lat post today (Friday). Since we don't really have too many free agents lined up - granted, we have some, but still - I thought I would open a few packs that would most likely lend themselves to adding some free agents to the mix!

2014 Goodwin Champions
Jeremy Roenick - Hockey - FREE AGENT
Will Clark - Giants - Arpsmith (Wahoo!!)
Paul George Mini - Basketball - FREE AGENT
Julius Erving - Basketball - FREE AGENT

Wow, only one baseball player and Arpsmith snags him! Great stuff! Unfortunately, we already have hockey and basketball in the free agent pool, so my plan did not work on this pack. Let's try another.

2013 Goodwin Champoins
Clyde Drexler - Basketball - FREE AGENT
Richard Petty - Auto Racer - FREE AGENT
Alen Hanson Mini - Pirates - Brian C (Wahoo!!)
Mark Messier - Hockey - FREE AGENT

Congrats to Brian who snags his first card of the season! We also added "Auto Racer" to the mix, so someone will get that card when the free agent draft opens up this weekend.

Okay, how about 2011 Panini Americana:
Luke Goss - Actor - FREE AGENT
Ralph Macchio - Actor - FREE AGENT
Willie Aames - Actor - FREE AGENT
Mitzi Gaynor - Actress - FREE AGENT
Daniel Roebuck - Actor - FREE AGENT

Well, geez. That pack was full of actors and actresses. For the record, I am listing those as separate entries. That way, the cardboard love can be spread out among even more people. Or something like that. It sounded better in my head than when I typed it out there...

Well, since these packs didn't really give the free agent draft the extra UMPH that I wanted, I'm going to rip open a pack of baseball cards and let some of you (and maybe me!) get some cards here:

2014 Chrome:
Chase Anderson - Diamondbacks - Alec (Wahoo!!)
Masahiro Tanaka - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)
Daniel Webb - White Sox - Dominic FDNY (Wahoo!!)
John Smoltz Heroes - Braves - Jafronius (Wahoo!!)

Congratulations to you guys! That Smoltz is a cool card! Stay tuned because the first free agent draft will be held on Saturday (I know, they are usually on Friday)!!

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