Saturday, April 16, 2016

Buckstore Cards Delivers Tribecards, Boxes for PAD Circus!

Hey there, everyone! After I got back from the conference, I had a box waiting for me. It was from Buckstore Cards (Mets) and WOW what a surprise!

Inside the box, we have TWO (2) boxes of cards for the PAD Circus: 1988 Topps Big Baseball and 1992 Fleer Ultra Series 2!

Not only were there two box of cards, but there were two team bags of cards. I picked out a couple scans worth just to show the cool variety of cards. There were many more than this in the box:

But, wait! There's more! Not only were there a couple stacks of great Indians, but there were also some top-loader Tribers!

WOW!! All of the cards I got were awesome! THANK YOU so much to Doug at Buckstore Cards! WAHOO!! Now, before I end this post, I do have to admit something to you: The autographed Andre Thornton is one of my favorites in the whole box. The 3d Thome is a very close second, but I grew up watching Thornton and I am still geeking out over that card. Super!

Oh yeah, is it just me or could Ashton Kutcher play Super Joe in a movie!? Oh, and how about Ray Liotta play Hargrove? Just sayin...

Stay tuned - a PAD Circus post with a pack from each box is coming up later!

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  1. I knew that eventually I'd find a nice home for the Andre Thornton after the #supertrader box break that saw 3/4 of the hits go either to myself or unclaimed teams. The 3d cards (and the Loftons) came from a 3200 count box (containing about 2500 cards total), that I also got at the Expo on week ago.