Saturday, April 23, 2016

MailBox: Forgotten Cards from 2x3 Heroes

I couldn't find a post where I mentioned these cards from 2x3Heroes, so I will assume they've been sitting here, patiently waiting for me to scan them in and thank their gracious sender.

There is some seriously good stuff here! The one that puzzles me is the Crisp card. It shows him in a Cleveland uni, but everything else says Boston. So... Is the game-used from Boston or Cleveland? I know it doesn't matter, and yet, it feels like it should, if only for the sake of continuity. I mean, what if the uni is from Cleveland? Is that why he is shown wearing the Tribe uni? What if it is from Boston? Is that why everything other than the picture says Boston? See, these are things that run rampant in the space between my ears.

In the meantime, we have other cool things like the Stadium Club Black, the Green Topps, the Pronk relic, the Sportflics Wahoo, and the other goodies in here!

A *VERY* belated THANK YOU to 2x3Heroes for these!

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