Monday, March 30, 2015

#PackADailyCircus #ootp - Managers/Players and a long road ahead

Hello everyone! This update took longer than anticipated, but here we go!

First, the current Managers/Players list is FINALLY available!

Feel free to check out which managers have which players so far in the preseason! Since many teams are WAY short of the 25/40 list to start the season, I will be sending out a couple drafts this week that will all be run individually this coming weekend! Talk about Fast and Furious.

As for the results of the latest draft, here ya go (these have been added to the OOTP game):

There is a weird thing happening in that blank spaces get generated, but I don't believe those affect results because they are essentially empty slots carried over from the Google>Excel>Draft transfers.

Any team(s) with empty slots when the season starts will have those slots filled with game-generated fictional players. As real players are drafted, fictional ones will be removed to make room.


  1. looks like my strategy to draft Brandon Beachy didn't work....

  2. Will there be options for adding "free agents"? Ya know - players not selected in the draft, or ones that never showed in the draft. Limit it to 5 or so. Cuz I am not selecting many on the draft lists, but I end up so low in the draft order I get skunked and add no one.

    1. I will have an "unclaimed free agent" draft going out this weekend. After I run the two April 4 drafts, I will take all leftover names from previous preseason drafts and we will do a draft with limited options based on the number of players in the draft pool. As for getting skunked, I have a plan for that, too! More details will be released over the weekend. Teaser: Each manager will have one "no skunk" draft during the regular season!