Monday, March 23, 2015

#ootp #PackADailyCircus - Getting in the Game!

UPDATE: Several players were in the draft that shouldn't have been. Ex: Don Mattingly, Jon Singleton, Lasorda, and Cole Hamels - I am entering names now and finding the dupes. Now that players are in ootp, mistakes should be reduced. Sorry about that!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another edition of PackADaily Circus Update! At some point, I will attempt to do these updates (or some updates, anyway) on Youtube or BlogRadio or something. Yeah, yeah, I know, something else I am adding different from last year. When will I stop? Probably never. haha!

First up, let's talk about the OOTP game. We are using OOTP16 and I have assigned teams to divisions. Like last season, we will have two main leagues, each having 4 divisions. Let's see how things worked out:

Picadilly Division
..Dominic FDNY
..Erin Rose

Leicester Divison
..Play at the Plates

Punto Obelisco Division
..Alecs All-Stars
..Joliet Convicts
..Stealing Home
..Thoughts and Sox

Bakerloo Division
..Arkansas Tribecards
..Bo Rosnys
..Saitama Sushi

Green Park  Division
..Eastern Virginia Mutts
..Idaho Astros
..Night Owls

Oxford Circus Division
..Captain Canucks
..Illinois Jafronius
..Jacksonville jobu
..Pennsylvania BCs

Lillywhites Division
..Backstop Cards
..Cobb County SuperChickens
..Enamel Rods
..The Balking Dead
..Ventura County Royals

Caring Cross Division
..Kentucky Quarrys
..Nachos Grandes
..New Jersey Hadsalls
..Northampton Therapists

The first thing you probably notice are the team names. Some managers kept their names from last season and other decided to try something new. You may also notice that teams have been shifted around from last year's divisions. Some folks may be in the same division, others may not. There was no rhyme or reason to how things worked out.

I have previously assigned drafted players to teams. This most recent draft, which ended up running late, will be added to the game shortly. Speaking of the most recent one, as of this writing anyway, here are the results:

I want to give yet another H-U-G-E thank you to Josh D for making an update to the draft system. Now, I just copy the data from Google and the system will swap out email addresses for in-game team names! I cannot tell you how much time this whole process saves me compared to last season!

Managers, I will have the next draft to you before Tuesday (March 24) morning!

Thanks for reading along!


  1. last week I had the #3 pick in the draft and I got nobody, this week I have the LAST pick in the draft and got my #1 guy! I'm having the weirdest draft ever

  2. Haha, you should be on THIS side of things! Talk about weird!

  3. So your idea of giving me a HUGE thank you is taking Cole Hamels away from me? :-) :-)

    Other questions:
    1) Is the full manager/player list available somewhere? It would be interesting to see who everyone kept as their "Top 9 Keepers."
    2) Will the number of available players each draft be increasing sometime? I doubt anyone is going to be able to fill up their roster in time when getting 0-2 players per draft. I have a list of guys I am gunning for once they become available. :-) Or will there be a "write-in" opportunity later on?

    Thanks for all your hard work on this and your generosity to the bloggers.
    -Josh D.

    1. Yeah, sorry about the whole Hamels thing. To answer your questions: 1) Coming Soon! In fact, after this week's draft, I will post the list for all to see. 2) I actually meant to have 75 names in the current list and confused myself (too hard to explain in a comment... Well, not, actually: I was going for 75 choices but when I hit 30 names, I was thinking 30 slots and then I posted everything before I realized I only had 30 names). I know it's hard to believe, but I am usually MUCH smarter and better prepared than my record shows. I am toying with write-in ideas.