Sunday, March 22, 2015

Quick Pre-Draft Note #PackADailyCircus

Hey everyone! I have *NOT* run the March 21 draft yet. I received my pre-release copy of OOTP, so I have been setting up our fantasy simulation while trying to remember just how I got EVERY historical player to show up in our system. It took me a while, but eventually I remembered how I did it last season.

I will be emailing the four (4) folks that did not submit a draft this time to give them a very small window of opportunity. I know the system has some kinks, so I want to be sure we've all had a chance.

The four are: ProwlingCat, Jafronius, BackstopCards, and SuperDuperMen.

I have also asked JoshD for an add-on to the drafting program. I am waiting to see if my idea can be implemented before I run the draft.

The good news, however, is that I am not waiting to start up another draft! There will another pre-season draft coming to managers very shortly. It will NO names we have used/seen before this season. That way, we can keep moving forward.

As mentioned at the beginning of the PAD Circus 2015, I will be watching rosters, etc. We get 25 players for our active rosters to start things off. So, any managers without at least 25 players before the start of the season will have players randomly assigned to them. Actually, the system calls for a 40-man roster (25 are active), so we may end up with random players anyway. Not sure how the system will handle things until we get in there and try it out.

As always, I appreciate everyone's help and feedback as we move forward!

Oh, and as part of the OOTP pre-order, I will get a steam code for a copy of OOTP16. That will be given away during a special contest coming soon! That is open to ANYONE who reads along.

Thanks for stopping by! I'll keep ya posted!

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  1. OOTP16 has completely ruined my productivity over the last couple of days. Why did they have to release it before the end of my Spring semester?