Thursday, November 6, 2014

#packadailycircus #ootp - World Series Action: Game 6

Good evening, everyone! Tonight, we move things over to Florida as the Workmans play host to the Dominic FDNYs. The FDNYs are trailing the series 3-2 as the Workmans dominated in the last game. Will Florida win the game and take the first-ever Tribecards Pack-A-Day World Series? Or will the FDNYs fight back and tie the series?

Let's see what happens tonight!

1st Inning: Things get underway, but neither team is able to get runners across the plate and they end the inning 0-0.

2nd Inning: The FDNYs bring two run in to take the lead, but then the Workmans come right back and answer with two of their own, tying things up. At the end of two, the score is tied 2-2.

3rd Inning: Neither team can do enough to get anyone to score, so things remain tied up at 2-2.

4th Inning: The FDNYs get one run in while keeping the Workmans off the board. FDNYs lead 3-2 at the end of the inning.

5th Inning: No one scores in the 5th.

6th Inning: Both teams blank out in the 6th, leaving the score with the FDNYs ahead 3-2/

7th Inning: It looks like the steam i out of both teams here, as we finish the 7th inning and the score is still 3-2, FDNYs leading.

8th Inning: Dominic shows some life and pulls a runner across the plate, extending their lead to 4-2 and the Workmans seem helpless to do anything about it.

9th Inning: Coming into the 9th, FDNYs lead 4-2. The Workmans keep them from scoring. FDNYs return the favor, and go on to tie the series at 3 games apiece with a victory win!

Congratulations FDNYs!! WOW!! We are headed to a Game 7 finale here at Tribecards! This is very cool! I am so glad the 1st-ever Pack-A-Daily World Series is going all the way to Game 7. I cannot wait to see what happens tomorrow night! Which team will emerge the victor and take the crown?


  1. Woop woop I live another day.....YEA ME

  2. What will happen in Game 7? My guess is that Bumgarner will come in to pitch 5 innings on 0-days-rest and win the series for the FDNY's. Art imitates (very painful) life.