Saturday, November 1, 2014

#PackADailyCircus #ootp - World Series Game 2 - Will the Workmans Continue Domination?

Good afternoon, simulated baseball game fans! Today, as we sit under chilly but sunny skies, the FDNYs will try to save face against the Workmans after last night's awful loss. The Workmans, on the other hand, will attempt to keep things humming along, as their seemingly well-oiled machine continues to roll down the tracks toward PAD World Series history.

Just as we did before, we'll take things inning by inning.

1st Inning: Neither team scores here, as bats and players seem to need a bit of a warm up.

Top 2: The FDNYs get a runner on base, but he is picked off trying to lead to 2nd.
Bot 2: The Workmans score a run on a sacrifice fly, take the lead 1-0

3rd Inning: FDNYs go 3-up/3-down. The Workmans manage to get 2 on, but leave them hanging.

4th Inning: FDNYs get a player on base, but can't score a run. The Workmans pull an encore performance of the 3rd inning and leave two runners on without pulling the trigger to get them home.

5th Inning: Neither team seems able to do much, so the score remains 1-0 Workmans.

Top 6: Bonifacio gets a single. Napoli reaches first after a passed ball. Logan Morrison steps up and knocks the ball out of the park, pushing the FDNYs to a 3-1 lead.

Bot 6: Workmans leave 3 on and fall short of bringing anyone in to score.

Top 7: FDNYs lose steam, ending the inning with no hits, no runs, and no one left on base.

Bot 7: Miguel Cabrera hits a lead-off homer. Matt Davidson gets walked, leading to a 2-run homer by Asdrubal Cabrera. Workmans take back the lead, 4-3. That's two home runs by a pair of Cabreras in a single inning. Yeah, I don't know the significance there, either. It was just fun to say.

Top 8: The FDNYs manage to land a player on base, but fail to do much of anything else.

Bot 8: Workmans lead off with a Chris B Young homer then fizzle. But, that increases the lead 5-3 as we go into the 9th inning.

Top 9: Deion Sanders gets sent in to pinch run after a Logan Morrison double. Kiner gets on base after that. Frank Malone hits a single, and Sanders gets thrown out at home trying to reach for extra bases. The Workmans load the bases and Kiner scores on a Kottaras walk. The FDNYs trail by 1 run as Big Papi comes to bat. He ends up striking out swinging, ending the game.

The Workmans take Game 2 in the series, beating the FDNYs 5-4. This game was much closer than Game 1, and it makes you wonder if one team is gaining while the other is petering out.  We'll see what happens LATER TONIGHT as we will have another game this evening!

Congratulations to the Workmans! They are off to a 2-game lead in the PAD Circus World Series. Can the FDNYs fight back? Are the Workmans losing steam? Well, they did score 5 runs, so...

Here is the game log: