Sunday, November 2, 2014

#packadailycircus #ootp - World Series Game 3: Moving venues

Good, er, morning, folks! Time has just shifted backward here in Tribecardsland. Well, not really, but we changed our clocks so we pretend time has shifted in the most ridiculous waste of, well, time. I digress. Often.

Things have changed as we move to the home of the FDNYs for this game. Will the home field advantage play a part tonight for the FDNYs? Will the Workmans continue their winning streak?

Let's tune in and find out!

1st Inning: neither team scores.

2nd Inning: The Workmans score a run and take the lead. FDNYs struggle to get runners going. Score 1-0 Workmans.

3rd Inning: The Workmans score again! But, the FDNYs also score a run! Now, the Workmans lead 2-1.

4th Inning: Neither team can points on the board. Score is still 2-1 Workmans,

5th Inning: The Workmans chalk up another run, increasing their lead to 3-1. The FDNYs are not able to match them, and end the inning trailing further behind.

6th Inning: Both teams come up empty.

7th Inning: Again, no one scores.

8th Inning: We still see no more scoring and time is running out for the FDNYs! They trail 3-1 as we head into the 9th inning.

9th Inning: FDNYs keep Workmans from scoring, but the same cannot be said in reverse. FDNYs score TWO runs in the bottom of the 9th to tie the game and force extra innings!

10th Inning: Neither team can score a run to win the game.

11th Inning: Still nothing added to either side. How long is this game going to last?

12th Inning: Players seem to be wearing down, but neither team manages to put a runner across the plate.

13th Inning: We've got quite a game here, folks! No runs scored means that we go into the 14th inning still tied at 3 runs each!

14th Inning: You have got to check out the log for this game. The game just keeps going. At the end of 14, we are STILL tied!

15th Inning: The Workmans come up and go down without scoring. The FDNYs, however, score a game-winning solo shot delivered by Mike Napoli!

The FDNYs win the game! The Workmans came close to winning and really putting the pressure on the FDNYs, but the home team wins the game.

Congratulations to the FDNYs! The series is now 2-1. The Workmans lead things, and we will see if they can boost their lead in the next game or if the FDNYs can tie things up. Be sure to stay tuned!

Here is tonight's game log:

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