Monday, November 3, 2014

#packadailycircus #ootp - PAD World Series Game 4

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! The teams took the night off last night, so they are ready for action tonight! The Florida Workmans lead the series two games to one over the FDNYs. Will the Workmans extend their lead or will the FDNYs tie things up? Let's see what happens!

1st Inning: Florida steps in, but ends up leaving 2 runners on base. The FDNYs can't make anything happen either. Score: 0-0

2nd Inning: The Workmans get 2 hits and leave 2 runners on base, but can't bring in a run. The FDNYs score a run on a Logan Morrison solo homer. Score 0-1, FDNYs

3rd Inning: The Workmans repeat the previous inning with 2 hits and 2 left on. FDNYs leave a runner on as well. Score 0-1, FDNYs lead.

4th Inning: Workmans get a hit and strand a runner, but cannot bring a score across the plate. Logan Morrison hits a 2-run homer followed by a Frank Malone 2-run homer, adding 4 runs to the FDNYs lead. Score: 0-5, FDNYs

5th Inning: Workmans get a run as Solano scores on a Trumbo single. FDNYs answer with a Middlebrooks run. Score 1-6, FDNYs.

6th Inning: The Workmans add 3 runs on a Miguel Cabrera homer.  The FDNYs score on an error and then tack on another run as David Ortiz crosses the plate on a Napoli single. Score: 4-8 FDNYs

7th Inning: Asdrubal Cabrera knocks a homer for the Workmans. The Workmans keep FDNYs from scoring. They close the gap! Score: 5-8 FDNYs lead.

8th Inning: The Workmans fail to score as the FDNYs bring Morrison in for a run. Score: 5-9 FDNYs

9th Inning: The Workmans fail to add any more runs, and the FDNYs win another game, tying the series at 2 games apiece.

Congratulations, FDNYs! Wow!! The series is tied as we move to the fifth game tomorrow night. Which team will take the lead? Tune in to find out!

Here is the game log:


  1. Wow...... I thought for sure I was gona be down 3--...... 2-2 now we got is a World Series ... Woop woop go me

  2. It's going to be a battle. I need more Cabreras!