Wednesday, October 3, 2012

182 Packs of Baseball - Day 182 - Say It Ain't So

I can't believe this is the last of the "182 packs" posts for 2012.  Well, not really. This is the last of the pack-busting posts, but there will more posts related to the overall event.  After all, we'll have trades, updates on who gets what, and whatever other random things pertaining to "182 Packs" that come up.

There will, naturally, be a reflective piece posted at some point. It will probably get sentimental, maybe a touch rueful, and hopefully a bit comical.

Before I bust open our last packs - yes, there are packs-plural - I just want to thank everyone that has played along during the entire baseball season.  I know some folks basically got shut out of the giveaway spots, but that tends to be the nature of contests like this.  I can promise that next season will be done differently - with plenty of opportunities to choose players. I also plan to hold different contests throughout the season next year to keep things fun.

I almost managed to post every day. I missed one near the end. All I can say is that a evening with my beautiful wife was worth it. Hands down.

And so, we've come to the end of the 2012 regular MLB season.  I am busting open all the remaining packs still hanging out in the Big Ol' Box.  Some of these have been there since the beginning, good little packs that they are.

First up: 2004 Opening Day
Miguel Tejada - A's
Eric Hinske - Blue Jays
Austin Kearns - Reds
Craig Biggio - Astros
Jeff Bagwell - Astros
Larry Walker - Rockies
Work Hard, Get Cards Promo

Not a bad way to kick off the final day of the season: a pack of Opening Day cards. Not bad in the way of players, either. 

Next, Leaf '96 Hobby:
Dante Bichette - Rockies
Javy Lopez - Braves
Rick Aguilera - Twins
David Bell - Cardinals
Chad Curtis - Tigers
Bob Hamelin - Royals
Marquis Grissom - Braves
Eric Karros - Dodgers
Alan Benes - Cardinals - Gold Leaf Rookie
Dean Palmer - Rangers
Greg Vaughn - Brewers
Cliff Floyd - Expos

No real superstar standouts, but certainly some team fan favorites.

How about a pack of 1997 Pinnacle Hobby:
Mark Loretta - Brewers
Darrin Fletcher - Expos
Matt Williams - Giants - Clout
Luis Castillo - Marlins
Sammy Sosa - Cubs - Clout
Kevin Elster - Rangers
Craig Paquette - Royals
Charles Nagy - Indians - WAHOO!! Go Tribe!!
Lance Johnson - Mets
Alex Rodriguez - Mariners

Wow! Two Clout cards! Very cool. Stick a Triber in there for good measure, plus an A-Rod as well.

Guess we'll keep going with Pinnacle: 1997 Hobby New
Ken Griffey Jr - Mariners
Ellis Burks - Rockies - AURA
Damon Mashore - A's
Eric Davis - Orioles
Jose Canseco - A's
Chris Snopek - White Sox
Tim Salmon - Angels
Wilson Alvarez - White Sox
Andruw Jones - Braves - Spellbound "R"
Rusty Greer - Rangers

Hands down, that Spellbound is one of the nicest-looking cards I've seen this whole season. It's shiny with relief work, neat lettered border effect, and unlike other inserts we've seen. Slick.

Reaching in, I grab a pack of 1994 Fleer Ultra Series II:
Terry Pendleton - Braves
Mickey Tettleton - Tigers
Larry Walker - Expos
Dennis Eckersley - A's
Wally Joyner - Royals
Barry Larkin - Reds
Thomas Howard - Reds
Jose Mercedes - Brewers
Dave Henderson - Royals
Chris Bosio - Mariners
Mark Acre - A's
Arthur Rhodes - Orioles
Ellis Burks - Rockies
Jack McDowell - White Sox - Ultra All-Star

Any pack that offers up The Eck is a good pack.  It doesn't hurt to pull a card with my own name on it, either (er, Dave Henderson. Not Eck. Now, THAT would be cool...).  The McDowell is awash in redness found in many of the Ultra All-Star inserts.

Wow. Let's go back-back-back to 1990: 1990 Score
Matt Nokes - Tigers
Orel Hershiser - Dodgers
Lance Parrish - Angels
Scott Terry - Cardinals
Dwight Smith - Cubs
Roberto Clemente - Pirates - NL 1966 Magic Motion
Rickey Henderson - 1989 Highlight
Mike Smithson - Red Sox
Carmelo Martinez - Padres
Kirk McCaskill - Angels
Jack Morris - Tigers
Lloyd Moseby - Blue Jays
Bill Buckner - Royals
Mike Marshall - Dodgers
Ken Dayley - Cardinals
Jack Daugherty - Rangers
Joe Oliver - Reds

Had you going on the Clemente, didn't I? Several stars in there. Definitely some favorites... and one not-so-favorite for Sox fans... Curses!

Three more packs to go... Doesn't seem fair, does it?

1997 Pinnacle Hobby New:
Joe Carter - Blue Jays
Andruw Jones - Braves - Museum Collection
Terrell Wade- Braves
Ryne Sandberg - Cubs
Carlos Garcia - Blue Jays
Jason Dickson - Angels
Marc Newfield - Brewers
Mark Wohlers - Braves
Greg Maddux - Braves
Ray Lankford - Cardinals

Good heavens, man, this pack was tailor-made for Braves fans. Yeesh!  Jones gets another VERY cool card! I forgot about these Museum Collection iserts. This one beats the Spellbound, I think. Maybe not.  There is somethign about shiny reflective gold, though...

1996 Leaf Hobby:
Sandy Alomar Jr - Indians - WAHOO!!
Edgardo Alfonzo - Mets
Jeff Conine - Marlins
John Wetteland - Yankees
Jay Bell - Pirates
Ken Griffey Jr - Mariners - MVP Contender
Ruben Sierra - Yankees
Fred McGriff - Braves - Total Bases #4778/5000
Orlando Merced - Pirates
Trevor Hoffman - Padres
Derek Bell - Astros
Delino DeShields - Dodgers

Holy smokes! The Braves are running away with the coolest cards in the last break of the season. There is no doubt that every time I think I've seen the "best" insert, another comes in behind it to steal the limelight. This pack sports two sweet inserts.

And, now, ladies and gentlemen, please bow your heads for a moment of silence as we bring out the last pack of the 2012 "182 Packs of Baseball" pack-breaking giveaway:

2006 Opening Day:
Gary Sheffield - Yankees
Magglio Ordonez - Tigers
Jose Contreras - White Sox
Adrian Beltre - Mariners
Rick Short - Nationals
Rich Hill - Cubs
Manny Ramirez - Red Sox - SI for Kids
Work Hard, Get Cards promo

Well, at least there weren;t any Braves, right?  Huh. I just realized the back of the SI for Kids cards has a different player on it.  The Manny card has Ronnie Belliard - an INDIANS player! Very cool.  Of course, the card will go to the Red Sox/Manny fan that first claimed it on the list.  I just didn't realize it was a two-faced card until just now.  See, even on the last day, I am learning something new.

Thanks for playing along!  I'll get these sorted and post the results as soon as I can.  Remember: I am the final arbiter: If there is a question about who should get a particular card, I decide. Nanny boo-boo and what-not.


  1. It's been reading along! Thanks for all of your work. I can't wait 'til next year!

  2. Awesome Eck card! I felt like I got "stuck" with the A's and Nats since they were some of the last teams taken, but there's been some cool cards from that group. Not as many Padre doubles as I was hoping, but it's been fun to have a reason to get to know the A's a little better, and today they won the division! I'll give the credit for their title to myself credit for choosing them in this break. You're welcome, Oakland.

  3. Thanks for being the driver on a great ride! Something I'd love to do myself if I could only budget!

  4. This was a ton of fun to follow and participate in. Any cards I get should be a bunch of fun.

  5. Thanks for making the season more enjoyable. It must have taken a lot of self control to not open all of those packs in one day.

  6. I can't imagine the work that went into this. I can barely post once a week! :-) Thanks for doing it all.

  7. some awesome looking Bravos there my friend... thanks so much for doing this. Awesome job.

  8. it's been fun following along. cant wait to see which cards trickle down to me.

  9. I'd love that Andruw Spellbound card if you are willing to trade.

  10. Man, looks just like the post season... NO Phillies!! Thanks for a fun season, it's been great seeing all these GReat packs ripped... Go Nats!!

  11. tons of thanks for a great project and lots of fun along the way!