Saturday, October 13, 2012

182 Packs of Baseball - Post-season Update

Hey, everyone! I bet you thought I fell off the Earth. Well, not quite. I have been working off and on getting the cards sorted: duplicates separated, players/teams to their respective participant piles, and looking for ponies for poor dayf.

The best part of the sorting experience, by far, comes by way of my daughter. She decided to help her Daddy out in this venture and she has made things very entertaining.  She is learning to recognize team logos, which helps a bunch. There is still a long way to go (this is much more complex than I thought it would be), but having her there sorting through things with me makes it all worth while. 

The All-Star Pop-ups proved especially fun when she asked if the "Twins" logo on the back was the team. Without thinking, I said, "Yeap." Well, turns out they ALL have the Twins logo because that is where the All-Star game was held! My bad!  Listening to her pronounce names (and parodies of names) has also been very entertaining.  By far, her favorite card is Dave Henderson.  She thinks it's hilarious that there was a ball player with my name. Works for me.

I hope to have things all sorted by the end of next weekend. Then, people can start the trading wars.  One thing to remember: the participant list shows what folks requested in the order they were requested (across, then down).  So, some "team" cards are going to player requests if those player requests were made before the team request and vice versa.  I've tried to fill the void with duplicates when possible.

The only exception I've made so far are the "brand/set" requests (ex: post-92 Stadium Club), as described in the amended rules.

We're sorting as best we can, but there will be some controversial decisions, I'm sure. We'll cross those bridges when we get there. Just as in old-school baseball, once the call is made, it's made. I don't have video replay here. We're here to have fun and play along.  I can tell you that next season's "Fantasy baseball" rules for the pack-a-day will keep things nice and clear... Well, except for the fact that we'll have non-player cards, multi-player cards, and who knows what else. Either way, it'll be fun!

Thanks for playing along, and thanks for reading! I'll keep ya posted!


  1. Sounds like you two are having a blast!! Continue and when you are done, you are done. Enjoy your time together.

  2. I look forward to anything that might come my way, and there will be Indians in return for the pile. Plus, with a small child involved, I imagine the cards might be covered in jam...

  3. Haha, no jam near the cards. No food at all, in fact. I'm teaching her right... Now, we also turn other cards into little "treasures" through various means - pens, scissors, etc. :-) She sees both sides of collecting.

  4. David, you do whatever you have to do and everyone will appreciate it! Have fun.