Wednesday, October 24, 2012

182 Packs of Baseball - nearly sorted

I thought I would post a photo update for the 182 Packs extravaganza. I am nearly done sorting the cards. As I get closer to the end of the list, the ability to fill those requests is getting tougher. Never fear, everyone that participated will get cards for sure!

There were a couple very cunning players! TSHenson grabbed Ripken Jr and Pujols before their respective teams were chosen. Same for gcrl, who snagged a nice group of Vladimir Guerrero cards. Most of the team requests, especially early birders, will be VERY happy with their hauls. But, even folks like MartinS who is near the end of the list played a smart grab of Blue Jays and Tampa Rays. But, as I said, everyone gets cards and I think most folks will be happy with their share.

Speaking of, I need addresses from folks so I know where to send the packages. Those will be mailed out between now and Christmas.


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    1. I bought those very early in my giveaway days. There was no other easy way to sort all the cards into teams, etc that I could think of. Each sorter has 10 sections. They are sized to "normal" cards, so Bowman, Giant Cards, etc have to stand up. Regular cards can lay flat and then you can poke your finger through the hole in the bottom to get them out! :-) I got them through... BCW, I think.