Tuesday, October 2, 2012

182 Packs of Baseball - Day 181 - Silver in the hills

Day 181 of the 2012 regular MLB season. For many, their favorite team is just one day away from the finish of things for this year - at least on the field.  For others, the excitement of playoffs, wildcards, championships and the World Series present the next chapter of 2012 baseball.

For those us following along here, it means we are just one day's worth of pack busting away from the end of a season full of team heroes, hall of famers, and forgotten teammates.

And, since we are still one day away, we have a pack to bust! How about 2009 UD Series 2?  There are 18 cards and a chance to snag a Jeter autograph. It could happen...

Ryan Rowland-Smith - Mariners
Cole Hamels - Phillies
Jo-Jo Reyes - Braves
Nick Hundley - Padres
Matt Kemp - Dodgers
Mariano Rivera - Yankees
Felipe Lopez - Diamondbacks - Team Checklist
Nick Swisher - Yankees
Carl Crawford - Rays - StarQuest Silver Common
Josh Hamilton - Rangers - O-Pee-Chee Preview
Mike Hampton - Astros - Team Checklist
Daniel Cabrera - Nationals
Gio Gonzalez - A's
Jed Lowrie - Red Sox
Adrian Gonzalez - Padres
Carlos Villanueva - Brewers
Akinori Iwamura - Rays
Kevin Frandsen - Giants
UpperDeckU.com promo card

Well, no autographs, but man what a cool Crawford card! And, the Hamilton OPC Preview is a sweet deal, too.

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  1. I'm starting to get the shakes thinking about tomorrow being the last day. No more pack-ripping posts to read on a daily basis? Yikes! Say it aint so!