Monday, July 9, 2012

Home Run Derby - Who Will Win It?

So, who do you think will win tonight's Home Run Derby? You would think that I would pick an AL player, seeing as how I am an Indians fan and all, but I am going a different route. Yeah, that's right, I'm taking the hometown boy, McCutchen. I think he will be the surprise player of the Derby and the All-Star Game. Though, of course, for the AS game, I'm pulling for my Tribers!

Name your picks. I'm sure I'll come up with some kind of prize for the the person who chooses the winner (I will only take your first response as your vote, though. No loading the ballots here!). Note: Any picks placed after the HR Derby starts are invalid for a prize, but are certainly welcomed as part of the conversation!


  1. Of course, I'm picking my Bucco, Andrew McCutchen!

  2. No Braves, don't care.
    I guess I'll go with M. Bison Kemp in the hopes I can post my favorite video tonight.

  3. former Pirate, Joey Bats.

    roughly translated as current Blue Jay, Jose Bautista

  4. I think Prince will find the fountains more than enough times to take home the trophy tonight.