Monday, July 30, 2012

182 Packs of Baseball - 117 - Tribers Galore!

Whew! What a Monday. I thought I was actually going to get this post in early. Haha, so much for that! To top it off, I won't have pictures again.  That bugs me more than it does you, I'm sure.

Well, the 116th day of the full regular season brings us a pack of 1996 Leaf Hobby.

Inserts Checklist (Features pic of Tony Gwynn on one side and Edgar Martinez on the other)
Steve Finley - Padres
Jeff Kent - Mets
Manny Ramirez - Indians - WAHOO!
Mike Piazza - Dodgers
Mike Mussina - Orioles
Matt Williams - Giants
David Justice - Braves
Rusty Greer - Rangers
Kenny Lofton - Indians - WAHOO!!
Ruben Rivera - Yankees - Gold Leaf Rookies
Sandy Alomar - Indians - WAHOO!!!

Wow! Three Indians in one pack of cards! Wahoo! Naturally, I don't have pics this time. Can this Monday finally be over? Yes, yes it can.

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