Tuesday, July 10, 2012

182 Packs of Baseball - 097 - All-Star Breakin

Here is the All-Star Edition of 182 Packs! I will be posting additional packs for each run scored!

I got a late start, so here's the first pack to kick things off:

2008 Upper Deck First Edition Update

Troy Tulowitzki - Rockies
Miguel Cabrera - Tigers - All-Star!
Nick Markakis - Orioles
Chone Figgins - Angels
Bill Hall - Brewers
Nick Johnson - Nationals
Kei Igawa - Yankees
Jo Blanton - A's
Randy Wolf - Padres
Ichiro - Mariners - Starquest Common

If I've checked correctly, the only 2012 All-Star from the pack is Cabrera! That's already a bonus prize for Tigers/Cabrera participants. Way to go!

Wow! The NL starts things off right away. They must have got the message about the breaks.

1st Run Pack is a 1986 Donruss ML All-Stars:

Ozzie Smith - Cardinals - Pop-up
Ernie Whitt - Blue Jays
Willie McGee - Cardinals
Hank Aaron Puzzle - 28, 29, 30
Wade Boggs - Red Sox
Jack Clark - Cardinals

Wow, Cardinals take up half the pack. Lucky break for those laying claim to Ozzie/Cards.

The 2nd run pack is a 1994 Fleer Ultra Series II

Rod Henderson - Expos
Terry Stienbach - A's
Brent Mayne - Royals
Hal Morris - Reds
David Segui - Mets
Mike Matheny - Brewers
Vince Coleman - Royals
Keith Mitchell - Mariners
Carlos Reyes - A's
Carlos Delgado - Blue Jays
Mark Thomspon - Rockies
Archi Cianfrocco - Padres
Sammy Sosa - Cubs
Travis Fryman - Tigers - 1994 Rising Stars

Wow, the Fryman card is great!

The 3rd run pack is 2009 O-Pee-Chee

Brandan Harris - Twins
Carlos Pena - Rays
Kevin Youkilis - Red Sox
Chris Jakubauskas - Mariners
Brad Nelson - Brewers
Randy Wolf - Dodgers

No All-Stars here, eh. Well, let's keep going!

The 3rd run pack is a 1986 Donruss ML All-Stars

Tony Gwynn - Padres - Pop-up
Dick Williams - Padres
Paul Molitor - Brewers
Jeff Reardon - Expos
Hank Aaron Puzzle - 43, 44, 45

The 4th run pack is a 1997 Pinnacle Hobby

Todd Hollandsworth - Dodgers
Andujar Cedeno - Astros
Marty Cordova - Twins
Ricky Bottalico - Phillies
Scott Servais - Cubs
Ruben Sierra - Tigers
Dante Bichette - Rockies
Bob Abreu - Astros
Shawon Dunston - Giants
Tim Salmon - Angels

Whew! Man, I never would have guessed a 5-run 1st inning from ONE TEAM! Okay, let's hit the 5th run pack.

The 5th run pack is a 2008 Goudey

Aaron Harang - Reds
James Shields - Rays
Derek Jeter - Yankees - ALL-STAR!
Hanley Ramirez - Marlins
Andruw Jones - Dodgers
Sparky Anderson - Reds
Hideki Matsui - Yankees
Lou Gehrig - Yankees - Stadium Legacy

Nice! We pulled a Jeter card here, so congrats to any takers on Yankees/Jeter - you get a prize to be named later.  Remember, it is not too late to sign up for this, either! :-)

The 6th run pack (NL leading 6-0)

This pack goes to 1996 Leaf Hobby

Tim Naehring - Red Sox
Jeff Bagwell - Astros
Trevor Hoffman - Padres
John Olerud - Blue Jays
Greg Vaughn - Brewers
Ruben Sierra - Yankees
Doug Drabek - Astros
Jay Bell - Pirates
Brian Jordan - Cardinals
Tony Tarasco - Expos
Wade Boggs - Yankees
Sammy Sosa - Cubs

Okay, so while typing this up, the NL scores TWO MORE runs. Jiminy Cricket!

The 7th run pack (Seriously, folks!):

1986 Donruss ML All-Stars

Carlton Fisk - White Sox - Pop-up
Pete Rose - Reds
Jim Rice - Red Sox
Dick Williams - Padres
Hank Aaron Puzzle - 40,41,42

Wow, we are on our 8th pack of the night, and it is only the 4th inning!

2008 UD Spectrum

Sammy Sosa - Rangers
Nick Swisher - A's
Derek Jeter - Yankees - Retrospectrum - ALL-STAR!
Derek Jeter - Yankees - Yankee Stadium Legacy - ALL-STAR!

Wow, TWO Jeters in one pack. Well, that's two more for Yankees/Jeter fans! Congrats!

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  1. That's a bunch of runs and bunch of packs. I hope you were able to pick up some cheap re-packs recently!