Tuesday, July 10, 2012

182 Packs: All-Star Edition

Today's pack-busting fun will begin this evening as the All-Star game gets underway.  I will open one pack before the game starts (or maybe just after it starts). That will serve as the regular daily pack for the season.  Then, I will bust open a random pack for each run scored during the game!

I will post the pack busts all in ONE post, tacking on each break to the end of the list. Card scans will be added after the game at some point. I am working on some kind of a bonus system. The rough outline of which goes something like this: If a busted pack draws a player currently on the All-Star team, everyone that picked that player/team gets a prize of some kind.  For example, if I draw David Ortiz, then everyone who has Ortiz *or* Red Sox on their list will get a prize to be figured out, er, named later.

The drawn card itself will go to whichever participant gets rightful claim based on the regular season rules.

Remember, it is not too late to lay claim to teams and players. Granted, for the regular season, you would be relying on doubles (or doubles of doubles). But, for the All-Star Edition, you could snag some prizes.  You can choose up to THREE teams, players, or a mix but you only get three.

You can respond to this post to sign up.  Signups will be cut off at the end of the regular baseball season. Oh, I can already hear some of those wheels turning. I'll save you the headache: Yes, you can sign up for the all-star prizes (to be determined at some future date) even after the all-star game is long over and done, provided you have slots in your picks to do so. I'm easy like Sunday morning. What can I say?


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    1. Thank ya. I always have songs running through my head. Sometimes, they get to escape. :-)