Wednesday, April 18, 2012

182 Packs Participants and Their Choices

I've added a "page" to the top section of the Tribecards blog that takes you to the Google Doc that I use to keep track of everyone for the break.  They are listed in order in which folks have signed up and their choices.

You might want to check it out before requesting your teams/players.  I am working on a better way to let folks know what's still available because sometimes that's easier to help you decide what you'd like to claim.

In the meantime, here is the updates list of TEAMS:

Rangers - PlayAtThePlate, Cool Breeze,
Mariners - Padrographs,
White Sox - JeffL, JeffW
Indians - Tribecards, TSHenson,
Royals - JoshD,
Twins - Kary, gcrl,
Tigers - Don,
Red Sox - Capt Canuck, AdamE,
Yankees - Johnathan,
Blue Jays
Orioles - Kevin,
Cubs - CubbieBlue1984
Cardinals - Matt
Pirates - Billy Suter,
Astros - JoeC, Cool Breeze,
Reds - FanOfReds, JoeC (Post-1992),
Padres - Padrographs,
Diamondbacks - MarkA,
Dodgers - Kary, NightOwl, gcrl,
Giants - MatthewR,
Rockies - Hiflew,
Braves - Capt Canuck,
Mets - Jacobmrley
Phillies - dawgbones,
Expos - MarkA, Jacobmrley


  1. Well, if no one's claiming the Cubs I guess I'll hop on that as my third "team." Can't wait for the Graces to start pouring in! -Andy

  2. Just saw you claimed the Cubs a bit earlier than I did, if you feel like "surrendering" them it would make each day of the long losing season pass quicker

  3. Haha, okay, you guys are making my job ... fun... ;-P

  4. Haha thanks guys, I'll email ya my info