Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dimwit Does (w)Right

Okay, so between my scanner and my own inability to read filenames, the pictures in this post are actually in something of a random order.  Go figure, and welcome to my world.  You know, the world in which I am supposedly some kind of "tech geek" yet can't quite figure out the technology I use almost every single day?  Yeah, that's me.

Alas, I digress, as I often do.  Sam, over at TheDailyDimwit held a group break recently in which participants got to pick a team (three guesses as to which one I picked) and then were assigned a team at random.  My random team was the Mets.  And, I have to say that if I were a Mets fan, I would have done pretty well by this break.  As it is, I am an Indians fan, and I did VERY well (as you will see later, since the Tribe cards actually ended up at the end of the post - see above regarding technical aptitude).

So, what's up with the post title?  How about more David Wright cards than you can shake a stick at.  Well, okay, maybe not.  I suppose it would depend on just how large the stick was, and if, in fact, you were holding it in order to shake it.  But, it appeared that every other card was a Wright (in retrospect, there are four. Maybe I need some more caffeine).

The first cards here are 2009 Upper Deck Piece of History.  We've got Santana, Parnell, and Wright.  I like the design of these in that they appear to have marble borders. Classy with a touch of gold-ish trim around the player.  I miss Upper Deck baseball.

Next up, Niese, Niese, and a "Cut from the Same Cloth #02/25) Martinez and Santana.  Okay, so one of you gets to tell me why the second Niese card is more tan than grey.  I assume it is a parallel of some kind and I am too lazy to look it up.  Well, I did look at a list from UD, but still didn't see anything that explains what it is. 

The next cards from the 2007 Upper Deck "MLB Artifacts" set.  These feature Reyes, Beltran, and Wright.  I know these are supposed to look like they have some kind of dark marble or something on the border, but to me they look like Cocoa Pebbles or Archway Holiday Cookies.  Then again, maybe I'm just hungry.

Phil Humber rounds out the last of the Mets Artifacts cards.  Now we switch to  2009 UD SP Authentic Baseball.  Here you see Reyes and Delgado.  The cards are crisp white with colorful accents.  I think they could have trimmed the borders a bit and made the photos bigger.

More SP Authentic include Santana, Wright, and Beltran.

Sheffield finishes out the regular Authentic cards, which leads us to the final David Wright card in the pot:  SP Authentic Faces of the Game.  Now, THAT'S a card!  I love close up shots of the players.  What a great idea for a subset!  The last card in this trio is a UD 20th Anniversary Retrospective of... the Wilkins Ice Shelf.  More to the point: "Global Warming" and the ice shelf.

Ah, and now that the Mets are out of the way, we can get to the real reason you came: MOJO!  The "hit" of the break for Indians comes in the form of a 2009 UD SP Authentic "By The Letter" manufactured patch card of Trevor Crowe.  It's autographed to boot!  And, it is the letter "H."  H?  Let's see, and it is yellow.  A yellow H?  I dunno man, I just collect 'em.  The next two are from "A Piece of History" and feature Victor Martinez and Scott Lewis.  For whatever reason, when I saw this, I thought of Mark Lewis from Tribe days gone by.  I don't know why that should be.

Next up, a couple of Grady's - "A Piece of History" and a "MLB Artifacts."  Add to that a V-Mart to round out the triplet.

In the SP Authentic break, I received Choo and Sizemore.  I love the Sizemore card.  It seems as though the ball is just off the card and he is determined to snag that puppy at any moment!

The final card in the break is neither a Mets nor an Indians card.  Rather, it is the "Disasta Named NAFTA:"*

I have to say a big THANK YOU to Sam for hosting this break! 

*For the record, I don't know if NAFTA is a disaster or not. It rhymed. It sounded funny to say. Save all the political arguments and justifications for your local tavern.


  1. Nice cards ! I was wondering about the "yellow H" also. Where in the heck did they get that from?!

  2. The letter patches for every rookie in that set spelled out SP AUTHENTIC. I was confused too when I got my first Dexter Fowler from that set, but finally figured it out.

  3. Ooooohhhhhh!!! Hey, thanks for clearing that up! I was very confused about it. Now it makes sense!

  4. David, would you be willing to trade that purple thing and the numbered Niese to me? I am sure I have some Indians around here you would enjoy in return. email me.

  5. ROFL. You get it based on calling it "that purple thing" alone! Haha! Awesome.