Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ANOTHER player from Prescott, AR!

When I told my son and wife that Mark Aubrey had found Chuck Tompkins' Washington and Lee yearbook photos*, my son said, "Who? Floyd Robinson?"  I said, "No. Tompkins. Who is Robinson?"  He tells me, "He's the only MLB player from here (Prescott) that I know of."

Well, based on my previous post, he was one that I did NOT know about!  How cool!?

What's even cooler?  Jim from Downingtown did an entire post about Robinson in 2010!

Thanks to my son for bringing this guy to light and to Jim for the write-up on him.  That's three MLB players that I know of now, born in our little town of Prescott.

*Thanks to Mark for correcting me on the source of the photos. And for also telling me to update the post.


  1. Yeap! I saw that when I was looking over "Players from Arkansas" on baseball-almanac! Emmet is about 7 miles down the road and is even smaller than Prescott! I am slowly coming to realize there is a book about Arky MLBers in the making here...

  2. Dave, here are couple more for you, one still alive and one who is not:

    Dick Hughes from the late 60s Cardinals is from Stephens, and he still lives there.

    George Harper is from Magnolia. His claim to fame is that he held the patent on the modern day diamond shaped cleats.