Saturday, May 14, 2011

That Thorzul sure is a cheap one...

Bill, aka Thorzul, held his "Return of El Cheapo" card break.  There were several packs involved and I put my bid in for the Indians.  I knew there was a chance I would pull a goose egg, but that's the chance one takes with a break like this.  I did not, however, pull a zero out of the hat!  In fact, it seems I managed to a handful of "hits" (such as they are often referred).  Digression: I am an avid Indians card collector - ANY Tribe cards I get are HITS in my book!

Let's see what I came away with here...

How about a Dennis Martinez SP Legendary Cuts Glory Days (036/399) and an Exponential^2 CC Sabathia!

Not enough of the Denny for you?  Well how about *TWO* SP Legendary Cuts Classic Careers?  Yes, BOTH are Denny Martinez (54/399 and 45/399).  They are not only serially palindromes, but are also just nine cards apart!  That is the equivalent of getting doubles and yet not getting doubles at the same time:

We're done done with the serially numbered inserts, either!  How about Al Lopez UD Hall of Fame (507/550)!?  Awesome!  That's followed up by a Topps Peak Performance Cy Young and an A&G National Pride V-Mart:

And, as if a handful of some very cool cards wasn't enough, the cardboard gods (er, sorry, that's a different blog) tossed in a Topps Moments & Milestones Jeremy Sowers autographed card for good measure:

Holy Smokin Stack of Cheapo, Batman!  You will get no complaints from the peanut gallery (er, yet still a different card blog) here, folks!  These are great and well worth the price of admission!

Thanks to Thorzul, who really does rule!  Or does he SET the rules?  You know, it just occurred to me that the proper inflection dictates whether he is the ruler ot if he has his own set of rules (Thorzul Rules).  I digress (often).


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