Saturday, May 7, 2011

Your Once in a Lifetime Appearance?

I feel like starting up another blog bat-around!  I don't know if one is currently in place or not, so forgive me if I am stepping on toes.

This round is entitled, "My Once in Lifetime" and what I'd like to hear is your dream MLB appearance.  Let's pretend that for one game, maybe even for one at-bat and one fielding turn, YOU got to be in the majors, the Big Show, the Bigs.  What team's uniform would you like to wear? What number would you want? What position would you play? Who would you like to face (both at the plate and in the field against you)?  What do you think would *really* happen during your one shot?  What would you *like* to happen during your one shot?

As always, leave a comment on this post and I'll keep a running tab to everyone's posts at the end of this one.  Here is your chance to make, break, change, or be history!

Oh, and if you aren't a blogger, feel free to leave your "Once in a Lifetime" in the comments here!

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(thanks for the heads-up on Steve's link, BTW!)